Dress Code Reminders

During the warm weather months, children are to come to school dressed modestly yet comfortably, in a clean and appropriate manner respectful of themselves and others.  Clothing must be appropriate for a school environment and that includes:

  • Covered midriff/stomach
  • Undergarments are not visible
  • Shorts and skirts are appropriate in length (arm’s length, including fingertips, is a good measure)
  • Shirts with appropriate necklines.  Tank tops must include straps that are three (3) fingers wide
  • Appropriate, safe footwear.  Flip flops do not adequately protect feet, and are not recommended for school
  • Hats/bandanas/head coverings are worn outside only
  • Clothing printed with inappropriate words/slogans or pictures are not allowed


If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact the office.


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