Speak Up Grant – $1000.00


Announcement – Successful Speak Up Grant!


We would like to congratulate Olivia Nicolai (pictured with Mrs. Goverde) for her amazing efforts in securing a $1000.00 “Speak Up” grant for W.J. Watson’s Me to We Club and W.J. Watson Public School.  These funds will help us bring awareness to issues girls face around the world and in our own community.  We are hoping to bring in guest speakers and purchase resources for the library that teach us about woman around the world.

The following announcement was made by Olivia on International Woman’s Day:

“International Women’s Day- The tradition began in 1909 and while International Women’s Day is now largely aimed at inspiring women across the world and celebrating their achievements, its roots are in movements campaigning for better pay and voting rights.

We are beginning a new Me to We initiative at W.J. Watson P.S. aimed at providing information regarding issues women face around the world as well as creating a positive environment for all in our school to feel empowered and capable.  We will strive to change what the phrase ‘like a girl’ means- and make it a powerful, positive testament to strength, resilience and intelligence for all.  We will also attempt to create a positive climate for girls to celebrate each other, rather than treat each other unkindly- all of our students can serve as upstanders and role models to support each other in seeing the best in our fellow school members.”

Thank you Olivia for taking the initiative to apply for a Speak Up Ministry of Education Grant!


Me to We Facilitators:  Mrs. Goverde and Mrs. Williams

Principal: L. Crossley

Vice-Principal: M. Murray


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