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Track & Field – May 16th

Dear Parents/Guardians,

All students in the Junior and Intermediate divisions, grades 4 to 8, will be participating in our annual school track meet on Tuesday, May 16. A rain date has been scheduled for the next day, Wednesday, May 17. The track events will be held at the soccer field behind the school and the pit events on the north side of the school yard.  Students are required to participate because their involvement is tied to their Phys. Ed. mark.

Students need to be prepared to stay outside all day because all junior/intermediate teachers will be involved in running the events.  Please make sure your son/daughter comes to school equipped with the following articles:

– proper running shoes (NO spikes and sandals as they are dangerous to run in)

– gym shorts of an appropriate length – NO jean shorts, cut-offs or short-shorts

– T-shirt

– long sleeved shirt and loose pants to protect them from the sun when not competing

– beach towel to sit on

*** SUN SCREEN ***

*** HAT ***

Students should bring a nutritious lunch with extra drinks and snacks.

Parents are welcome to come and watch.  Parking at the school is limited and tickets have been known to be given out, so it would be appreciated if you could car pool or walk.  Please remember to sign in at the office.

Thank you,

J. McPhail and Junior/Intermediate Division Staff

Important Letter about Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why”

Dear Families,

Please read the important letter below about the new Netflix series, “13 Reasons Why.”13 Reasons Why - YRDSB Family Letter - April 28 17 (2)_Page_1

13 Reasons Why - YRDSB Family Letter - April 28 17 (2) 2


Grade 8 Graduation Committee Meeting

Dear Families,

Our next Grade 8 Graduation Committee meeting with be taking place on Thursday, February 23rd at 10:40 a.m. (morning recess) in the library.  The Graduation Committee includes several grade 8 student representatives, staff, administration and parents/guardians.  We hold our meetings during the day to ensure our students (future graduates!) are able to fully participate.  We appreciate that daytime meetings can be challenging for many families, but your input is still welcome and appreciated.  To join the Committee, interested parents/guardians are asked to email Marika Sellers, School Council Representative, at with your availability.   Please also feel free to contact Melissa Murray, Vice-Principal, with any input or questions you have about graduation.


Parents for Children’s Mental Health Support Group

PCMH both June 2016

Parent Workshop Series – Keswick PS

Please find attached the flyer advertising the upcoming Workshop Series “Because Each of Us is Exceptional: Celebrating and Promoting Learning Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder” hosted at Keswick Public School.

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