Intermediate Badminton Team

Yesterday the Intermediate Badminton Team swung by Keswick High School to hit some birdies at the Area Tournament. We had a full contingent, 2 male, 2 female and 2 mixed teams. This year’s tournament was host to over 130 badminton players playing on 8 courts in what could be only be initially described as organized chaos. Each team was guaranteed 2 games in the double elimination tournament and almost every team played past their two game minimum.

Our W J Watson team was:

Brooklyn the Boss

Logan Bottomless Pit

Emily Just Emily

Olivia Victory Dance

Sammy Jitters

Eric BA

Emily Smiley

Arik Spike

Ashton Shorty

Tristan Match

Jimmy Isaiah Thomas

Curtis Skittles


And let’s not forget about Annette, because you can’t play badminton without a net.