Important Letter about Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why”

Dear Families,

Please read the important letter below about the new Netflix series, “13 Reasons Why.”13 Reasons Why - YRDSB Family Letter - April 28 17 (2)_Page_1

13 Reasons Why - YRDSB Family Letter - April 28 17 (2) 2



Planning for 2016-2017

Class Placements

As we begin organizing for the 2016-2017 school year, parents and guardians are invited to provide input for consideration in the class placement process.

As we go through the process of determining placements of students for next year, please note that we will not be taking requests for specific classroom teachers or specific requests for straight grade classes.  Our staff, including teachers, support staff and administration, will use student data and their professional judgment throughout a collaborative process to make decisions when creating balanced classroom learning communities.  If parents and guardians feel they have information that may be valuable to be considered in the class organization process, they are asked to share that information in writing.  All feedback regarding class placements must be submitted, in writing, to the Principal, Mrs. Crossley, before May 1st, 2016.  Input after May 1st will not be considered due to the complexity of the task.    Please be advised that while such input is valued, it will not drive class placement decisions as there may be school-wide limitations and a variety of other factors that will, at times, take precedence.

Final decisions regarding student placements remain the responsibility of school staff and the administration.  Ministry mandates on class size will impact class placements into September.  As a result, we will, regretfully, be unable to share class placement information with families until school opening.  Thank you for partnering with us for this very important task.



Junior Kindergarten (JK) Registration

As part of our efforts to support a successful transition to school, we’d like to invite new JK students (beginning school September 2016) and their families to our “Welcome to Kindergarten” afternoon.  This hands-on learning event will take place from 2:00 – 3:15 p.m. on Thursday, May 12th, 2016.  Along with an opportunity to explore our Kindergarten classrooms and engage in activities with your child, we will share some simple ways to support your child as they enter school for the first time.  We will be posting all information that we share during the “Welcome to Kindergarten” afternoon on our school blog,, for future reference. Also available that afternoon will be your free “Welcome to Kindergarten” bag filled with books, letters, numbers, scissors, glue and more (see over for more information)!

To RSVP to our Welcome to Kindergarten afternoon, please call the office at (905) 476-1618 to confirm that you and your JK child will be joining us.  If you are unable to attend, please contact the office to make arrangements to pick up your Welcome to Kindergarten bag.

In addition to our Welcome to Kindergarten afternoon, we also have our Building Blocks to Kindergarten (BBFK) program that runs this summer.  This program is ideal for children who may not have participated in group learning (e.g., daycare) or formal social experiences and/or who would benefit from participating in formal, scheduled learning without family present.  The program runs for four weeks in the summer, in the mornings, from Tuesday – Friday.

If you feel that your child would benefit from attending the FREE Building Blocks for Kindergarten (BBFK)  program this summer, we ask you to apply by completing a short questionnaire at  Hard copies of this questionnaire are also available in the school office.  Families selected for the program will be contacted in early May.


What is included in the “Welcome to Kindergarten” bags this year?

This year’s WTK bags will have:
● four books – Whoosh, Nat the Cat, One Grey Mouse and Bear Listens
● one copy of Chirp magazine
● magnetic letters and numbers (with paper templates)
● scissors, crayons, glue stick and pencil
● activity ball
● link to download the WTK Album of songs in English and French
Family Activities for Early Learners Resource Book
● new Key Messages and Parent Information page (translations available in 10 languages)



School Improvement Plan

Each year we use our School Improvement Plan (SIP) as a guide for our learning and growth as a school.  Our improvement this year is focused around three pillars: mental health, modern learning, and mathematics.

Mental Health

We continue to practice a growth mindset – a belief that we can learn how to do something if we don’t know it yet.  Along with the Zones of Regulation, and SNAP (Stop Now and Plan), educators and support staff continue to support students during class and at recess and lunch to develop self-regulation skills.

Modern Learning

Modern learning is defined as authentic, relevant, deep learning that enables learners to create,

to connect, to communicate, to share their learning with the world and to be future ready. At WJ Watson, our focus is specifically around inquiry-based learning.  Staff are learning about how to use elements of inquiry, such as “sparks” or provocations and questions to help engage student curiousity and wonderings.


Mathematics is a provincial and board focus.  At WJ Watson, we’re looking closely at the role that a growth mindset plays in learning and doing mathematics.  We’re also exploring how to help students to persevere when solving challenging problems.


Parent and Guardian Focus Groups

We value the input of our parents and guardians in improving our school.  We’d like to invite you to join us in conversation about subjects of interest to our families that might include:

  • Mental health
  • Healthy schools
  • Mathematics
  • Technology

If you are interested in joining an informal one-hour conversation one morning, please contact the office.  Dates and times will be negotiated with those parents who express interest.

Parent Support Group

Does your child’s anxiety, ADHD, mood disorders, learning disability, or behaviour challenges make parenting difficult?

Support is available through a new Support Group offered by the York Central Chapter of Parents for Children’s Mental Health (PCMH).

When: Second Monday of the Month

Time: 6:30-8:00pm (childcare and light refreshments provided)

Where: Aurora Kinark Office at 24 Orchard Heights Blvd. Unit 101A Aurora

(Entrance is at east side of grocery store) free parking & very close to Yonge St.

NO pre-registration necessary but please let us know if you need childcare at

Benefits of This Support Group:

  • meet other parents with children who have similar challenges
  • find encouragement and emotional support
  • learn strategies to help your child or youth at home/school
  • learn how to access resources in the community