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Safety Week

This week is Safety Week across the YRDSB.  As part of our efforts to help ensure the safety of our students, at all times, we have been practicing different safety drills.  We know that when students have an opportunity to practice, in the event of a real emergency they will be better prepared and more able to remain calm.

Last week we practiced a “Hold and Secure” drill, and the week before that we had our first fire drill (we will practice fire drills several more times of the course of the year).  The students and staff did a great job at both!  This week we will be having a Lockdown drill practice.

If you have any questions about any safety drills, please feel free to contact Mrs. Crossley or Ms. Murray.

Using the Crosswalk Training

Last week all of our primary students had an opportunity to review how to safely cross at the crosswalk with our amazing crossing guard, Lori.

Thank you to Lori for all the work she does to help keep our students and families safe!

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