Playing Fields and School Grounds

Dear Families,

Playing fields and school grounds are a year-round resource and the Board is accountable for maintaining them properly. As it appears there could be an early spring thaw and fields will look inviting, they must still be protected against damage that could ruin them for the remainder of the year.  More importantly, damage to fields and grassy areas can include holes and/or uneven ground, leading to a risk of injury.  At W. J. Watson, our priority is student safety and as such, there will be days where we will be limiting the areas students can play on.  As the ground warms, and becomes more stable, fields and grassy areas will again be made available for students to access.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact the office.


Field Update

Our school grounds are used throughout the spring and summer by our students and the greater school community.  In an effort to ensure that we can enjoy healthy, green fields all summer, students will be staying on the tarmac at recess and lunch time just until the grass has time to take root.

Games including four-square, skipping, tag, mini-sticks and basketball continue to be available to all students, as is the playground (different grades are allowed on it each day) and our expansive outdoor classroom.

We hope to begin to access parts of the field next week.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Crossley or Ms. Murray.