Dressing for the Weather

Winter is officially here!

Students are reminded to dress appropriately for the weather, including:

-winter coats

-scarves, hats and mitts

-winter boots

Students are also asked to have indoor shoes, so that wet winter boots can be left to dry in the hall in between outdoor times.



Winter Weather and Recess

This  is  a reminder  that  all  students  are  required to  go  outside  twice  a  day.   Please make  sure  your  child  comes  to  school dressed to  go  outdoors.   Extra sweaters, hats,  scarves,  gloves,  etc.  are  needed.   Please also  ensure  that your  children  have  appropriate  footwear:   an  outdoor  pair  of  shoes or  boots  as  well  as  an  indoor  pair  of  shoes for  classroom  and  physical  education  use.  Children  go  outside  for  all  recesses.

Inclement Weather Information

All  bus  cancellation,  inclement weather  and school  closure  information  will  be  available  on our  school  websites  and  Board  website.  This process  will  be  managed  centrally  by  Administrative  Services,  Public  Affairs  and  Communications  and  Student Transportation  Services. All  other  inclement weather  processes  and procedures will remain the same.  We expect  this  added functionality  will  reduce the  number  of  calls  we  receive  both  at  the Board  and  School  level,  and  ensure  our  staff and  communities  will  be  more  informed  in  the event of  inclement weather.